Tiger ‘brewed by the sun’, as APB takes solar plunge in Singapore

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) has recently launched the solar installation plan at its Tuas plants. Renewable Energy Corporation (REC), under Bluestar, its partner in the solar energy initiative, has installed 8,038 solar panels on the rooftop of Tuas plants, spanning an area equivalent to three FIFA football fields in size. The first stage of solar power generation has started, and the second and third stages will follow successively. This project is expected to generate 2.3 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year via the solar facilities, equivalent to 20% of current electricity consumed by APBS, and will reduce 1,500 tons of carbon emission per year.

According to the Power Purchase Agreement inked between the two sides, APBS will pay REC the electricity charges over the following 25 years. The recent rise of such a partnership in the renewable energy industry is because it allows companies to apply renewable energy technology with minimum or even no initial costs.

“We hope this partnership will pave the way for the future adoption of clean energy initiatives within the various commercial industries,” said Kenneth Choo, Managing Director, HEINEKEN Asia Pacific.

“This is the company’s third PPA signed in Singapore,” said Steve O’Neil, Chief Executive Officer, REC.“Thanks to the advantages of solar power generation which suits the heat in Singapore perfectly, the company has received quite a number of orders and inquiry calls recently from clients such as the National Gymnasium, Bugis Junction and Sheng Siong.”He predicted the production capacity would be increased to 1.3-1.7 billion kWh and the business would be expanded to other parts of Asia, including China.
Steve O’Neil added: “the PPA mode will change the game rules for the renewable energy industry. Since it’s the solar energy solution provider that covers the investment in, installation and maintenance of solar energy power generation facilities, what our clients need to do is pay the electricity bill within the stipulated time period. We hope that more companies will join us in using solar energy to create a sustainable environment.””
Parliamentary Secretary for Trade & Industry and Education Ms. Low Yen-Ling, present at APBS’ solar installation project launch ceremony, hoped that the landmark project would set a model in energy conservation for other companies in Singapore and encourage more companies to follow suit and abandon the traditional power generation mode for clean energy, to build a sustainable environment and homeland for themselves and for the country.

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